3) The Man Knows Economics

In late 2008 and early 2009, when the full extent of the collapse of the housing bubble and financial markets was becoming known, a great many analysts and economists could be heard saying that “no one could have seen this coming.” What was largely, but not entirely, overlooked was that there were some people who had seen it coming for years, and they had tried to warn the American people.

As early as September 2001, and repeatedly throughout subsequent years, Ron Paul was accurately predicting that the housing bubble and financial collapse would occur in exactly the way they did occur.

When someone is able to clearly and consistently predict events that take the rest of the experts by surprise, that person may reasonably be said to have a better understanding of the subject than those experts. No other candidate for President from either party had any idea that the collapse was coming, that we were headed into a depression. Once again, Ron Paul is alone among his peers. Is it not reasonable to assume that he is the only candidate who knows how to get us out of this mess?


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